Louis Valentine Johnson's composition “The Peace Concerto.”  (www.thepeaceconcerto.com) is written for Solo Guitar.  The Concerto has been orchestrated and arranged in additional instrumentations by LVJ and fellow Composers and Colleagues, Cullen Bryant, Richard Altenbach, Philip Rothman and Craig Palmer, for Guitar and Violin, Guitar and Viola, Guitar and Cello, Guitar and Clarinet, Guitar and Piano, Guitar with String Quartet, and Guitar and Symphony Orchestra. 

Louis Valentine Johnson has also arranged “Twelve Moments” from“The Peace Concerto” for use by young guitarists in their application for scholarships for the Alexander L. Johnson and Louis Valentine Johnson Guitar Scholarship to help further their careers.

LVJ has performed as a soloist in the U.S.A., Argentina, Ecuador, Chile, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Canada.  

LVJ’s Master class studies were with Narciso Yepes, San Francisco State University, Christopher Parkening, (www.parkening.com), Sun Valley Idaho Center for the Arts and Humanities,(www.sunvalleycenter.org), Abel Carlevaro and Julian Bream at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music,(www.sfconservatoryofmusic.com). LVJ also attended the Banff School of Fine Arts in Banff, Alberta, Canada, (www.banffcentre.ca), where he studied with the Venezuelan virtuoso, Alirio Diaz. 

LVJ was the first guitarist to graduate from Idaho State University School of Fine Arts Music Department.  He later initiated and founded the study of Classical Guitar as a standard curriculum at this University in Pocatello, Idaho, (www.isu.edu).  He performs and records with a Jose Oribe “Gran Suprema” guitar, (www.oribeguitars.com) and lives in the Sierra NevadaMountains of Northern California.

For more information, please visit www.louisvalentinejohnson.com


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The Peace Concerto

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Louis Valentine Johnson

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