Malagueña California!: III, Tres Pensamientos Latinos

by Louis Valentine Johnson

Released 2017
Dos Almas Music
Released 2017
Dos Almas Music
Here we present to you Malagueña California! You will enjoy and experience the exhilaration of these original variations on this famous theme. Listen to the excitement from your front row seat!
My composition here is a set of alternating slow and fast variations of the famous Malagueña theme. This is the third movement of a three movement opus titled "Tres Pensamientos Latinos." It is very inspirational to me and is featured on my CD "Twenty-one Years". The Malagueña is traditionally performed everywhere in Latin America and many other countries. Known to have roots in Málaga, Spain, its origins are in folk and Flamenco styles.
This is an exciting improvisation for guitar. It pulses with movement and rubato with a famous theme. I include options for the addition of casteñuellas and percussion, preferably cajon. This work has also been arranged for two guitars, guitar and viola, guitar and harpsichord, guitar and string quartet, and guitar and cello.

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