One: USA, India & China

by Louis Valentine Johnson

Released 2017
Dos Almas Music
Released 2017
Dos Almas Music
This instrumental Innovative Guitar piece provides the listener with fourteen minutes of meditative tranquility and relaxation(3 tracks: 14 min each)
As a Classical Guitar musician for over 30 years, I have mostly played other Composer's music. About 15 years ago, I began writing my own original pieces which have since developed into a newer and more modern Classical sound. I decided to re-title my compositions as "Innovative Guitar" rather than Classical Guitar. While much of the older "Classical Guitar" music is beautiful, I want to appeal to a much broader audience with an innovative style using the same instrument. My most recent release titled, "ONE", is a meditative and relaxing piece that gives the listener a sense of relief from everyday stresses. It can be also be viewed with a bonus DVD that depicts nature and beauty synchronized with the music for a feeling of total introspection. Enjoy!

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