Song of the Birds (Arr. for Guitar and Cello by Lou V. Johnson)

by Louis Valentine Johnson & Horatio Edens

Released 2017
2016 Dos Almas Music Da3501
Released 2017
2016 Dos Almas Music Da3501
Song of the Birds by Pablo Casals is very well known to all cellists and a beautiful listening experience. I am happy to be able to record my arrangement for guitar and cello here with my long-time friend and cellist, Horatio Edens.
Nearly 50 years ago, my music professor, Horatio Edens (we became close friends), handed me the orchestral score to Pablo Casals’ Song of the Birds. He said, “Why don’t you arrange this for guitar and cello. It would be an excellent piece for us to play!” So I arranged this piece and we performed it many times together. We recently, after much life had passed under the bridge, had the opportunity to restart our collaborations. We have performed together several times and revived our Song of the Birds duo composition. Our guitar and cello duo was called, Ten Strings Inc. We had a great time recording this piece together and we know you will enjoy it!
This recording was done at Dos Almas Studios in Grass Valley, California. The producer was Richard Altenbach, violinist, of Brachiosaurus Studios, Grass Valley, California.

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