The Peace Concerto: I. Portraits

by Louis Valentine Johnson

Released 2017
2016 Dos Almas Music Da3501
Released 2017
2016 Dos Almas Music Da3501
Allegro Sostenuto – A sustained Fast Speed as life begins.
This composition is dedicated to my son and grandson and is the first movement of my largest work titled The Peace Concerto. Most of the larger work which include Portraits and The Question, except for The Song of Peace, were written after Alex’s death. Having seen and participated in war as an infantry soldier in the 101st Airborne Division, I weave into this work an embodiment of hope for humanity and our condition. This composition lives in the present moment, healthy, happy, and rich with love. In addition to musically illustrating many other strong emotions, this composition is a memory, forever and always, of life with a wonderful young person who now rests irrevocably in Peace.

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The Peace Concerto

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